Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday madness

This afternoon I met Jumanji at Charing Cross for lunch. Guess where we went!

I can't understand why the waiters kept giving us funny looks
That's right, Nando's, for the finest chicken in town! Today was also marked by a momentous event - I finally managed to take a picture of a meal before eating it! All credit goes to Jumanji, who reminded me in the nick of time.

A proud, hungry moment
We ate far too much, and I drank three glasses of coke, to ensure my bottomless softdrink was good value. Jumanji made me laugh, as usual. We talked for much too long, though, and she had to hurry off to her violin lesson (have I mentioned that Jumanji is a musical prodigy? I've lost count of the number of instruments she plays). Next time, we will have to make more time for hijinks!

Jumanji: extra hot
I also did a little bit of shopping today. I was in need of some new socks (I have mine on such rapid rotation I'm worried I'll wear through them all), and found some very lovely ones in New Look:

Fun fact: these are the third pair of cherry socks in my life so far
I also wandered into River Island and had a bit of a shopccident (to borrow the term from the boyf):

I've wanted a black satchel for aaaaages, and I rationalised that this can be my smart bag for work. It was pretty affordable, but I'm still feeling a bit guilty - might take it back. What do you think? The main problem is, I also went to Uniqlo (planned, this time), and bought some smart black jeans (that actually fit me properly) which are being altered for me to pick up tomorrow. I shouldn't be spending so much at once! Oh dear. 

I saw two very cute babies today. The first was in Nando's, wearing a white fluffy babygro with little ears on the hood. The second was on the (rather delayed) train home, and was far too busy staring at the Asian businessman next to me to let its mother put its dummy in its mouth. Perhaps it suspected him of being a banker. 

Right, it is officially past my bedtime, as I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm quite excited, but I will be much less so when my alarm goes off in the morning.



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