Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pollyanna strikes back!

I think this one's fairly self-explanatory

In a shock shake-up (!), today's post will not be about what I did at Journalism School or how tired I am, but a short list of things that make me smile. I know, I did something similar a while ago, and that had a picture I took myself, but I feel like it, and nothing particularly mind-blowing occurred today (unless you count what was possibly the start of Moonbeam's campaign against prostitution, but that was normal for a law lesson). 

This list is partly to cheer me up because I shut my finger in a door yesterday and although it is not throbbingly painful anymore, I think I've bruised it, as it is still rather sensitive. Woe is me! But it is also because I had a very nice plateful of carbonara in front of Friends (yes, I live a glamourous life) and am now feeling quite relaxed and beatific. Apart from the finger, which is making using my touchpad mouse a bit sore. Anyway:

1. Nice food! It doesn't have to be loaded with fat and carbohydrate (as I quite honestly include carrot sticks and celery in this category - I love raw vegetables!), and there doesn't have to be all that much of it, but a little of what you fancy is a very good thing!

2. Prinking. (It's a real word, spellcheck!) The time I spend in front of the mirror may infuriate friends and family, especially when I'm running late, but I enjoy it. I know, vanity is unattractive, but I like to feel I look good. Also, as someone who is almost entirely self-taught on the make-up front, I really enjoy how much more creative I can be these days! (Although I'm not sure you can get less creative than concealer, where and when I can be bothered.)

3. Friends. This is turning rather saccharine! But I really do appreciate the people around me at the moment. I'm very lucky on the friends front. It's amazing how a brief text can brighten up your day. I should add that this includes grown-up friends, as there are some to whom I owe a lot. They know who they are! (P.S.: Good luck with the essay, Jumanji!)

4. Family. Mine is excellent. That is all. 

5. The boyf! I'm sure he won't mind not being at the top (this list isn't in any sort of order! Otherwise I would love food most of all, and I don't think that's true). Even though he's very far away at the moment, he makes me happy.

6. Music. Listening to really good music (in my opinion, anyway, feel free to dismiss my tastes (as did Richard Godwin in the Evening Standard today, under the headline 'Has rock really hit the bottom of the charts?'. Rock is not dead, Mr Godwin, you've just been listening to too much Kings of Leon)) is an amazing mood-booster. I used to go to school discos back in the day and get giddy just from the loud music, never mind the smuggled beer! 

7. Sleep. I know I said I wasn't going to go on about it, but I do love it so. I got some very comfy new pyjamas for Christmas, which just serve to enhance the experience.

8. The internet. I don't think I could live without the information superhighway, as it is possibly still known in bingo halls. This evening I watched one of the new episodes of Snog, Marry, Avoid? (love that programme, still not sure why) while chatting to the boyf who is in Ireland, across a sea and everything. Truly, we are living in the future. 

I'll end it there, for the usual reasons. What makes you happy? Do you strongly disagree with me? (Especially about Kings of Leon?) Let me know, but preferably not through physical violence or the medium of dance!


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