Thursday, 6 January 2011

Another quick one

I know, I know, I'm cutting corners again. But I'm very tired and I was supposed to be in bed 48 minutes ago! There's a whole day of shorthand in the morning, and my brain won't forgive me if I have to face that on reduced sleep. Therefore, quickly, some things:

1. The boyf is coming to visit me tomorrow! He's over for the weekend and I'm very excited. Hopefully we'll be able to do all sorts of interesting London things (and maybe also Woking things) that I can take lots of photos of and blog about at length!

2. I have just got a rather good piece of news. More on that if/when details are sorted. Yes, I enjoy being mysterious.

3. There is no such thing as a nail polish that dries faster than you can accidentally smudge it. Fact.

Just the three, I'm afraid, and (even worse!) I'm going to be in the flat tomorrow and possibly a couple of nights after that, so there may be a dearth of blogging for a while. If you get lonely, I have some helpful suggestions in the sidebar.

Night night!

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