Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Never knowingly under-blogged

Today we have some more pictures, mostly because they take up space nicely, but also because I've decided to try the chart-my-progress thing. I may even encourage me to dress a bit snazzier this week, who knows?

Today, we have an appearance from the world's comfiest skirt. (Guess what shop it's from. Just guess.) It makes me twirl around a lot when I think no one's looking. 

Genuinely distracted by a magazine

Excited about being on a desk

The pictures are again thanks to the very talented Ostrich, and you can make out fellow students working hard in the background, despite the fact it was past 7 at this stage. Yes, we're dedicated, but it is thanks to this dedication (and the help of Postman, who you can just see in green) that I can happily announce that my video is finished. Finally!

Today's lessons, for anyone who missed them and is using the blog to catch up (not necessarily a bad idea, I'm rather repetitive on that front), were pretty hard work, although (for me, at least) the situations were reversed. In Public Affairs, I was able to alertly engage with economics (and there's a sentence I never thought I'd type), whereas halfway through the Law revision session (with no break!) I was flagging. I need more sleep! I have no idea how I'm this exhausted, I'm being very strict with myself about being in bed before midnight, but I still battle with the snooze button in the mornings. 

Speaking of which, I've set an even earlier bedtime tonight. Goodnight, sweet princes!

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