Monday, 3 January 2011

Chez Percy

Today Whizzkid and I undertook an epic trip into darkest North London to visit Percy in his ancestral home. It took a very long time (especially as someone was a little bit late...) and we ended up on a tube train that emerged into daylight towards the end of the line, pretty much blowing my mind. They're not made for outside! Deeply disturbing. 

Percy and his dad picked us up from the station, which was very nice of them as it was rather cold. When we got to Percy's spacious yet cosy house (with a rather space age bathroom), it was like visiting a  friend back in my schooldays. We had a brief chat with his parents, ate quite a lot of pizza and garlic bread, and then disappeared up into Percy's room. 

The afternoon was mostly taken up with watching The Good, The Bad, The Weird, a very excellent Korean film. Watch it!

I had to leave at about quarter to 7, as I have to be back at Journalism School tomorrow (really, really not looking forward to Public Affairs first thing), but Whizzkid stayed for dinner. It was going to be chicken, apparently. 

A couple of pictures from this afternoon:
In their natural habitat 
Percy is proud of his national service (in space)
 Off to have supper now, and then collapse into bed. I haven't been to Journalism School in aaaages (it feels almost like I've had a holiday), so I'm going to start off slow, with a decent night's sleep.

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  1. The bathroom was most impressive indeed