Thursday, 27 January 2011

I done a murder

Today was a rare mid-week day off from Journalism School, not that I think any of us were complaining! I woke up pretty late after the excitement of last night, and it was lovely not to wake up to an alarm. I have done very little today, but I have an immense feeling of wellbeing as a result, so I won't count it as wasted. It's been a pretty stressful week, so catching up on rubbish TV and drinking lots of tea were vital.

Tomorrow would officially be my last ever day at Journalism School, if we hadn't got the portfolio extension. I don't think my portfolio would be a) completed or b) any good if we'd had to hand it in tomorrow, but it would be nice to be finished! Not that I haven't made wonderful friends at Journalism School, but I would really like to move on to the next stage now. (In a way I am, with my sort-of-part-time-temporary-helper job next month, but I wish I was doing that and devoting myself to finding a real job in my spare time, rather than putting a portfolio together. I really wish we'd had some actual class time for it!)

On to the title for today, please don't worry - the citizens of Woking are safe from me (for now...). I am merely looking a little bloody-handed because of my nail polish. The very hard-wearing, beautifully sparkly purple GOSH one was finally starting to chip, so today it is all change. This is ciaté, in a shade called 'Mistress'. Very exciting!

Excuse the make-up-less Photo Booth-ness of it all

The most useful upshot of today is that all my clothes are now back in my wardrobe (apart from the ones that are currently sitting in the tumble dryer, but let's not get carried away), rather than heaped at the foot of my bed or stuffed in the laundry basket. I sometimes forget to live like a grown-up, so it's nice to put things back in order. 

That is all for now, as I should probably go to bed (I do have an exam tomorrow). 


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