I am a journalism-student-slash-working-journalist (exciting or what?) currently staying in Woking and commuting into London. I spend a lot of time on trains.

I lived in Scotland up until I left for university. Edinburgh is still the place I consider home. Yes, it rains for a lot of the year and it's pretty chilly compared to this balmy southern weather, but I love it anyway. I also understand Scottish accents! (I'm available for translating services, for a minimal fee.)

I am currently being stalked by a handbag

I have a little brother who is actually pretty huge (and 20), and my wonderful parents still live in Scotland. 

I do not eat or drink diet anything, am slightly obsessed with pretty socks and take at least 15 minutes in the shower. 

I love Asian food but can't cook it (although I manage almost any other cuisine). When I say Asian, I am excluding Thai - coriander is my nemesis. 

I actually bear very little resemblance to my little icon, apart from the glasses. 

I don't do fake (tan, eyelashes, anything). Too much bother!

I love murders on TV, glossy magazines, cups of tea and secondhand bookshops.  

I am slightly fanatical about subs not dubs. 

I am a crotchety liberal - freedom for all, except people who stand on the wrong side of escalators! (Hanging's too good for them.) 

I'm not short. Everyone else is freakishly gigantic.