Sunday, 18 September 2011


This is basically the full extent of my intellectual capacity right now. Must... sleep...

Friday, 16 September 2011


If you zoom in and enhance this picture, you might be able to tell that I have had some extra holes added to my head today. I finally got round to having my ears pierced!

Now is the winter of my disinfecting. . . 

I also met up with Percy and Whizzkid today (neither of them noticed my slightly-throbbing ears, which they later put down to "being men", like that's some sort of excuse). We had delicious burgers at the delicious burger place (jerk chicken burgers are my new favourite food) and Percy and I popped in at the Hummingbird bakery for a pumpkin whoopie pie (I really wish they'd rename them something less embarrassing to type). 

Probably the most exciting thing today, however, was having a chance to shop! (Sorry, boys.) Uniqlo featured heavily, of course, although I think I would have gone knitwear-mad in M&S if it hadn't been so warm today. There is a checked cape for £69 that I am seriously tempted by. . . I don't think any of my new purchases are wildly exciting, but they are all going to make getting dressed to go to work in the mornings much easier, so I'm excited.

I should probably go to bed now, as I want to get up to watch Ireland play Australia tomorrow morning.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011


They were giving these out free outside work today (at least, so I'm told - I completely failed to notice!). They're special gluten-free biscuits and they come in chocolate, cranberry and coconut (not sure why they have the last one, as they all contain a fair whack of coconut. Maybe they're for real coconut enthusiasts?). The brand is Mrs Crimble's and they have a website here in case you know anyone gluten intolerant who needs a treat. Personally, I quite like gluten, as I learned when I tried one. 

I am a complete blogging failure at the moment, mostly because work is getting ever more stressful as everyone is working on lots of things at once (including me). As a result, I am very tired all the time, and not even up to typing nonsense on the internet. Apologies, I will get right on that. More nonsense coming up!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Carrot cake!

The most exciting thing I did today was to make this carrot cake! My mother was kind enough to send me the recipe, and I am also following her protip of keeping the icing separately in the fridge so it keeps longer. The hardest part of making carrot cake is grating all the carrots, but it's always worth it in the end.

This morning I actually managed to get out of bed to watch the first match of the rugby world cup. I'm very  proud of myself (and it was an exciting game) but I am now quite sleepy, having had almost a full day, so I'm going to go to bed.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weekend adventures

I've had a slightly exhausting few days at work, but of course that isn't a proper excuse for not having posted about my weekend yet!

I met up with Whizzkid and Giovanni this weekend, for awesome adventure times and lots and lots of food (may have discovered a burger place that will satisfy even Percy). We did some more sophisticated stuff too!

Imperial War Museum:

This was more one for the boys, really, but it was interesting and I hadn't been, so I didn't mind. Also, it's free! There is an amazing array of stuff on display, and there's a bit designed to let you experience life in the trenches (but with health and safety, obviously). 

It's well worth a visit, especially if you're a war fan.

In our wanderings, we also found a fence covered in ribbons and tokens. It's next to a carpark, but apparently the area was a graveyard for prostitutes and other destitute people in medieval times.

It was great being able to catch up with the boys again, and I'm hoping we'll all be able to have a giant reunion at some stage (with pizza).

We're big bridge fans

That is all for now, as work is not very interesting at the moment (lots of spreadsheets!), although I did learn today that my brother shares a birthday with Edwina Currie.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Free time!

I am lucky enough to be in the middle of a four-day weekend at the moment, because I worked over the Bank Holiday weekend. And while the last few days have been pretty miserable, today was really hot!

I met Whizzkid and his girlfriend (who I was meeting for the first time) today in London and we had ice cream and Korean food and did a little bit of shopping. I really want to buy a whole new winter wardrobe from Uniqlo!

I completely forgot to bring my camera today, but I had it to hand while knocking around the house yesterday (I can try to pretend that I was recovering from a hectic few weeks, but really I was just being lazy). I got quite a lot done, and also made some more earrings:

Slightly blurry picture, but you get the idea. The Godmother bought these pretend pearls as part of a slightly hideous necklace for me to make her earrings from, so she gets the long dangly ones. I am having fun coming up with different designs using them!

It wasn't nearly as warm yesterday and loafing around doesn't keep you warm, so I wrapped up a bit:

Sometimes it's nice to just be cozy and comfortable. Ignore my wrinkly knees!

More excitement is in store this weekend as Giovanni is coming to town, so Whizzkid, Percy and I will be spending some quality time with him (whatever that means). Who knows what adventures we will have?


Monday, 29 August 2011

London Underground

Apologies for the extremely lame title. I have spent today trying to create as much text as I could as fast as possible. If you look at the DUR page tomorrow, it is all by me. And probably riddled with errors, but there you go.

Thanks to the resulting brain crash (much like pushing it with physical exercise, I find too much stress on my brain creates a massive slump later on) I do not have much to share today, so I will let off steam about something which is on my mind every day, twice a day, because I commute.

Tips for Tube travellers: 

  • Your journey is the most important. Anyone who gets in your way or is trying to get past you is merely unaware of this. Let them know as often as it takes. 

  • It's really boring sitting on a train speeding through a tunnel. Liven things up for everyone by having a loud, inane conversation with a friend, or any random stranger foolish enough to make eye contact.

  • Don't bother working out your journey before you go through the barriers. There are lots of maps and signs on the walls and it is customary to congregate in front of them in large groups. 

  • Bringing a pushchair on the Underground is a great way to help beleaguered commuters relax by exposing them to your charming children. They will also enjoy the obstacle course you create for them by parking it right in front of the doors.

  • The right side of the escalator is reserved solely for you to stand on. Enjoy!

  • If you can't be bothered to work out a route, don't worry - grab a member of staff and demand that they give you directions. Better yet, ask a fellow traveller, especially anyone who looks in a hurry. Bonus points for changing your mind about where you want to go and refusing to take the Bakerloo line because you don't like the colour brown. 

  • There are two approaches to getting off a Tube train. The first is to wait until after all the other passengers have disembarked and then dashing after them, stepping on as many feet as possible and pushing past anyone trying to get on. The second is to hover in front of the doors for several stops before yours, just in case the announcer is lying. 

  • When getting off a Tube train, be sure to stop right in front of the doors and look around you slowly. 

  • When boarding a train, try to stand directly in front of the doors before they open. As soon as they do, push your way inside through all the people trying to get off, ignoring all signs, announcements and protests that suggest the opposite. You want to get a seat, after all. 

  • Repeating "Mind the gap" after every announcement is a joke that never gets old. Ever. 

  • If you are travelling with small children, let them take turns in pulling the emergency alarm. 

  • Wait until you are positioned right in front of the ticket barrier before fishing in your bag for your ticket or Oyster card. 

  • If you have a large bag or backpack, make sure you board the most crowded carriage you can find. Give yourself a bit of a rest by leaning on other people. 

  • The Tube is basically one big book club. If you see anyone reading anything, ask them what they think of it. If they don't answer, it must be really good - press them for information. 

  • Newspapers are strictly rationed, so it is customary to read over other people's shoulders. Feel free to let them know if they are turning the pages too fast for you. 

  • A crowded Tube train is the perfect place to try out all those new ringtones you downloaded. 

  • When leaving a Tube station, bear in mind the sad fact that there is never enough London for everyone. Push, shove and step on people. 

I'm sure there are more, but that's enough helpful advice to be getting on with for now. Bitter, moi?


P.S.: If the song is still stuck in your head, you are probably a destined commuter. My commiserations.