Thursday, 20 January 2011

That Thursday feeling

I am trying to keep up with the picture-a-day thing, and with the preparing-for-exams thing, but I was very lazy and rushed this morning, so it was The Cardigan again. This was largely due to the cold, I must admit - winter's back and I don't like it! I braved icy rainshowers on the way to the station, and was very glad W came to pick me up this evening. Not pictured: full set of my trusty Uniqlo thermals that went on under everything.

A poser? Moi?
Everyone at Journalism School is looking very tired (except Fireman, who was apparently living it up in shorts in his native Leicester yesterday, but I don't think even looming exams could succeed in putting him off his lunch), and a few of us are looking very absent, too! Tornado is getting rather badtempered and has taken to sending us threatening emails about coming in tomorrow (Ignore At Your Peril, indeed), probably because he's going to have to, too. 

Excitingly, some men came to restock the vending machine today, which is now even giving back change! They've left some sort of invoices inside the machine, though. I'm still not sure whether someone should be told... 

That is all I can tell you, really. In Public Affairs, we learned about the different types of school, and in Law we went through another past paper. 

Roll on February! 

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