Monday, 24 January 2011

These words are a title

I'm rebelling against Photo Booth, largely because if you're taking photos every day, you generally end up with exactly the same picture, unless you've done something unusual with your hair and make-up, and I couldn't be bothered. So, camera shot, and I'm sure you feel all the better for it.

Of course I'm awake, look how wide I can open my eyes!
I apologise if I'm not managing to make sense today, it's down to having stayed up revising, got up early to join the Real Commute (my usual in-by-10am-or-whenever-my-bus-arrives is like playing Transport Wars on easy mode), revised on the 12-coach express service, stormed to my bus stop, barged my way onto the second bus to arrive, dragged myself to Journalism School, revised some more, sat a 2 1/2 hour exam, talked about the exam, repeated the commute in reverse, got a lift home from The (very kind) Godmother and sat around in a dazed state for most of the afternoon unable to understand why I'm so tired. I did meet the windowcleaner, though, with whom we had a Public Affairs-related discussion, which practically counts as revision. I did also manage to read newspapers and do some highlighting while slumped in front of the television. Just reading the number of things the queen has to do makes me tired!

The Law exam went pretty well, incidentally. It seems I revised the right bits just well enough. I'm not expecting the distinction Wheels is hoping for for all of us, but I think I've passed, which is nice. According to the Tornado, Public Affairs is much easier. I can but hope.

Need to sleep now, so I'm afraid I have to be boring again. For now, boring is good. Boring gives me time to deal with exams. Can't wait to return to my usual crazy antics soon, though, and neither can you I'm sure.


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