Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Now with added kitten!

This video is the only adequate way of expressing how I'm feeling right now. Also I want a cat.

It was great seeing everyone at Journalism School again today. It feels like it's been ages! Ostrich (ask her, not me) has a sleek new hairdo that we've all been admiring from a distance, as she is now almost intimidatingly glamourous. Also Normandy was kind enough to pick up the Public Affairs notes for me. Now we'll see if the Drone is as boring on paper.

In Law we had a big discussion about the Joanna Yeats case, and how Contempt of Court applies to the media coverage of Christopher Jeffries' arrest. It morphed nicely into a discussion about defamation, which we polished off today. I'm starting to feel like a legal beagle - I understand this stuff! Of course, that may have quite a lot to do with the wonderful Wheels...

More importantly than any of this, however, was my first ever visit to what I suspect may be the only supermarket anywhere near the town centre of Woking. There's a Sainsbury's hidden in the shopping centre. I followed the trail of people with orange bags until I found it. I now have supplies for the week, which is very exciting. I can't say I noticed the effects of VAT, but give it time and I'm sure I'll be complaining bitterly to anyone who'll listen.

Anyway, I am starting to resemble that kitten more and more, so I will sign off now.


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