Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Another glimpse of Journalism School

Today, for no real reason other than to reassure you that I'm alive and this blog isn't being updated by an internet impostor, we have a picture of me!

Ostrich was kind enough to take it for me before I sloped off home this evening (she was staying behind to work on her video as the charming Postman (no, he's not a real postman. Those who know him should get it, though, or disgrace their childhoods forever) had come in to offer tech support). I was in a very slouchy mood this morning, can you tell? Ostrich said she likes my little knit dress, and she has excellent taste, as I have worn it nearly to death since I got it from my currently globe-trotting aunt the Christmas before last. I am slightly in danger of turning into grey knitwear if I get any more, though.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the smile of learning being over for the day
Perhaps there will be more photos over the next couple of weeks, to chart my progress from relatively chilled-out (apparently chilled-out is my base state. Two people have told me this recently, so it must be true! I'd always thought I was normal on the stress/chill stakes, but whatever) to exam-deranged. Could be fun!

I realised this evening that I've mentioned a short-term job, and before that some exciting news, but haven't ever properly explained. Some blogger I am! Come February, I have been asked to help out on the Register section of a certain newspaper (which happens to have been very helpful on the work experience front). Apparently they really need the help, because they've offered to pay me! Not a lot, but much more than sitting around watching Come Dine With me (although I suspect that is still my vocation). I'm very excited, as (sad, sad person that I am) I find it very exciting going into the office every morning. Even more excitingly, I am off to Dublin in the first week of March, to see the boyf again!

On a much less exciting note, is anyone else worried about the economy? I know the jump in inflation and predicted hike in interest rates is very topical to our Public Affairs lessons (although I think some people are still confused, as everyone kept mixing up 'inflation' and 'interest rates' while we were talking about them), but I'd quite like to go to the shops without having to deal with prices like £2.49 (for boxes of cereal this afternoon). It's at times like these that I wish there was a political party I would actually vote for.

On that cheerful note, goodnight!


  1. you look nice - i would probably wear this with a black skinny belt on my waist.

  2. Thanks! I woud wear a belt, but yeah, slouchy. It would also probably get in the way of lunch...