Saturday, 1 January 2011

Lazy Saturday

Today was some sort of bank holiday thingammy, so not that much was open. I did manage to book a haircut for tomorrow (I'll update you on how that goes, unless it's unspeakably horrific, in which case you won't be seeing any pictures of me for a while), but that was about it for productivity.

The Godmother, W. and I did manage to watch a lot of Midsummer Murders, though. I love a good murder. We saw one so old it had Orlando Bloom as the victim (well, the first victim - Midsummer Murders takes the Pringles approach to homicide (once you pop, you can't stop!)) and the guy who plays Brutus in Rome as his burgling butcher's boy accomplice (I can't remember the actor's name, but his face used to annoy the boyf to the point of shouting at the television). Exciting times.

This evening's highlight was a fish pie, made by yours truly. It was surprisingly heavy on the milk, so we're going to be rationing out cups of tea until we get some more. I phoned my very talented mother for ideas on how to make the pie taste of anything, as what I was mostly using was white fish and potatoes, and she gave me lots of helpful suggestions, resulting in quite a tasty product, if I say so myself (a bay leaf, parsley, mustard and lots of black pepper in the milk I poached the fish in, in case you were wondering).

At any rate, all the lazing around today has been very good for me and left me even lazier than normal. Coincidentally, there will not even be a picture today, as I am about to go to bed.


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