Saturday, 29 January 2011

Things Have Changed

... I just haven't got my head around it yet.

Today was our last official day of Journalism School! Sad times, but at least we ended on a high note, with an exam that was actually quite good fun. We had to make our videos about an explosion on an industrial estate near Norwich (university friends - is this a real story?), so there were lots of closeups of wreckage, shellshocked Norfolk folks, and even a fireman! Very exciting. 

Our exam ended at 4, with the lovely Postman invigilating and dishing out technical support. We were in a pub by half past (even the stragglers (a group to which I of course belonged)). We had a very excellent supper (the set-price menu in the Crown Tavern in Farringdon, food fans!) and set about carousing. At some point we uprooted for the Three Compasses (I should probably check - is that the right name?) and its squishy leather sofas. 

I'm post-evening-of-merriment, so it's much easier for me to explain in pictures: 

Me and Lady Zorro!
Lady Zorro was as fabulous as ever in her Heatech tights (Uniqlo ad execs - pay me later) and enviable black heels (I mostly envy the ease with which she walks in them), and I got lots of compliments on my dress (even from a stranger in the bathroom, which was nice) and even one on my manicure (from another stranger (much stranger)), so I consider the evening a sartorial success.

Blondie, Superchef, Normandy
Superchef is back! Well, just for this evening. It was really lovely seeing him, and we were lucky enough to monopolise him on our little table for most of the night (along with Postman, who eventually arrived (we were getting anxious) after saving all our video exams in the right place).

Spot Jack Sparrow, our very lovely waiter!
Yes, we had an off-duty pirate looking after us. I convinced him to let us take a picture with him. This is why I probably shouldn't be allowed a camera - it goes to my head!

Bob and Curly (sorry - spur-of-the-moment nicknaming again!)
Hopefully there will be lots of other pictures of this evening, but I very stupidly forgot to change my camera's batteries this morning, so this is the best of my very small crop. 

I've had a very good day and evening! Normandy and I left before the hardcore remaining revellers headed into a club. I got a train with her, as there had been some massive accident on Farringdon road, with lots of police vans and fire engines, which looked like it had involved at least one bus. It seemed prudent to take the tube instead. 

On the train back to Woking, I got talking with a man called Aly (I forgot to ask him how to spell it! I'm a failure of a journalist already!), who sat down next to me and turned out to have a lot of the same connections as me. He's also from Edinburgh, also lives in Woking, went to an Edinburgh independent school (he went to George Watsons, I went to Fettes), married a South African (you may recall, this is my parents' homeland), and has Irish relatives (I have the boyf, which still counts, right?), and has a cocker spaniel (the boyf's utterly adorable dog is the same breed). Consequently, we support all the same rugby teams (Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, and anyone England is playing). He gave me the chips from his takeaway and told me about how happy he is with his life. Apparently, being 34 is awesome, as is having children. Good to know. 

I really must go to bed now. Really looking forward to this weekend!


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