Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blackout chic

Today was dedicated mostly to catching up on sleep and revision, so it would have been a waste apart from the sleep. 

As I sadly had no plans to leave the house, even, you're treated to my normal lounging-around-the-house wear, which is to say, a well-worn black hoodie, down gilet (as the boyf insists on calling it) and either jeans or pyjamas. You'll have to guess which, though, as today's picture is very last minute and I sadly couldn't bring Ostrich home with me for the weekend.

Photo Booth-a-licious
The most exciting thing that happened today (and it was actually pretty exciting) was a powercut. Apparently they've been hitting Woking more and more frequently, so I was lucky to have The Godmother here to teach me the drill for next time. 

The lights all went out (and, more upsettingly, the internet cut off) while I was in the middle of revising, as evidenced by the quantity of paper littering my bed:

My laptop was on for music purposes, I swear
The Godmother was quick to break out a torch and some sort of hurricane lamp, and we lit candles in the kitchen. It turns out powercuts are pretty boring, once you've finished phoning the electricity company, so we got on with making supper (the stove is gas, so apart from the spark-maker-thing, it was thankfully working fine). I've never made a risotto in semi-darkness before, but it was quite good fun!

The Godmother keeping calm and carrying on
I think it lasted less than an hour, in total, and then we just had to wait for W to get home so we could eat the fruit of our labours. My revision had been abandoned in the darkness, and when the lights came back on, I was distracted by making a salad and various other very important tasks.

Lemon, parsley and chicken risotto - extremely good
Supper was excellent. We even had a plum and apple crumble for pudding, after a seemly interlude, in which we completed a crossword in record time. I then trooped back upstairs to do some more revision, while W and The Godmother worked their way through some more of the vital % saved on their Sky Plus box. 

It is now quite late, and although I fully intend to have an impressive lie-in tomorrow, I'd quite like some time to do other things too, so I will stop wittering now.


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  1. not good - hate when the power goes off!
    good night!