Tuesday, 11 January 2011


After my last marathon post, I'm sure you won't mind if I'm briefer this time. It's past my bedtime (the dedication!), as I got back quite late from the extra shorthand class that Star (remember him? Our lovely shorthand teacher) very kindly said we could gatecrash. I'm feeling a bit better about my prospects for the exam on Friday, but it's still very nerve-wracking. Sometimes 80wpm feels practically sedate, sometimes utterly unmanageable. Sadly, the former tends to be at the beginning of a piece and the latter somewhere in the middle. I did manage to scrape by in a couple of 100wpm pieces this evening though, so there is hope.

Rather than just bore you about shorthand in text, here is a picture of a small selection of my notes from this evening:

It's mostly vocab/special outline notes, as I tear them out to help with dictations and tend to leave the actual shorthand in the notepad, or I would be drowning in paper.

This evening wasn't all hard work, though - I went to Yo Sushi with Lady Zorro and Normandy for supper (we took a rather long break, in fact...) and we had a good natter. I may not be able to eat Asian food for the rest of the month, however (although it was really good). 

Off to bed now, in the hopes of waking up refreshed. I really hope I don't dream of shorthand!


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