Sunday, 30 January 2011

Baltic reunion

I'm not going to bother to try to pretend that I spent this morning doing anything other than sleeping. It's not something I regret.

I had an excellent breakfast - bagels from Brick Lane (brought back by The Godmother and W last night) and tea, while reading about the protests in Egypt. I have no idea how long Mubarak will manage to cling on, but it's fairly clear that the Egyptian people aren't going to back down easily. Apparently this could have a knock-on effect in the middle east. It's strange to realise that I've always thought of Egypt as a tourist destination or a historical place, rather than a country with politics. I know I won't again. 

Today I finally got to meet up with Jumanji and give her her Christmas present (yes, it really has been that long), which was fortunate as it is now coming up to her birthday, and giving someone two presents at once is just excessive. 

We sat in a Global American Coffee Chain for far too long but it was much too cold outside to move. 

Jumanji, away from the bakery underworld (but looking a bit like an elf)
Jumanji decided to try out her new emerald green nail polish in the GACC. It's apparently a difficult colour to get hold of. This one is from Accessorise, imaginatively named Shade 2. 

Together, we make Christmas!
 I gave Jumanji an assortment of exciting things from the kids' department of H&M, and she gave me 60 jaffa cakes. Not joking:

Tip of the iceberg
 And also this snazzy but disillusioned notebook:

The temptation, of course, is to write a novel in it (possibly quite a short one)
Jumanji was excited about finishing her job and having lots of time for all her orchestra commitments. Musicians are weird. She also told me about all the people we both know who have gotten either engaged or married since I last heard (Jumanji is much better about keeping in touch with people, so it's really her fault that we took so long to meet up). It was a worryingly high total, especially as I think all of them are younger than me.

It was much colder in London than Woking today, even though the in-car thermometer said 3 degrees when W was giving me a lift to the station. London was almost painfully cold. I'm worried there will be more snow. I am in denial about it still being winter.

Time for bed again now, as I am off to meet my lovely Career Guru tomorrow, and I will probably need to do more career-getting before then.


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