Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Brightness, bombshell, barometers (OK, not barometers)

I had a really good walk to the station this morning. It took me a while to work out why I was feeling so uplifted and refreshed. Sunlight! The first of the year (at least that I've seen).

My parents claim to suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and as South Africans bred to near-perpetual sunshine and heat, they may be right. But I've always thought I could weather winter. I was born in these grey, drizzly islands, after all. Still, my half-hour in dazzling sunshine this morning completely transformed my mood. Maybe vitamin D is real...

It was raining by the time I got out of Journalism School, and dark to boot, but never mind that, look at the sun: 

You may think this looks like a nice road to live on, but about half a second after I took this picture, a transit van, a sports car and a people carrier bombed past me in some sort of high-speed pursuit

Superchef swung by Journalism School in our lunchbreak to drop a bombshell - he's leaving the course. I may have had an inkling beforehand, but it was still sad that this was the last time we could see him for a while. He did bring chocolatey treats though (silver linings etc). Thankfully any sadness was soon dispelled by Ostrich's bratwurst story (you'll have to ask her), which made us laugh so much we were in physical pain. 

More defamation in Law today. Wheels was on good form as ever (although he has set us a proverbial mountain of homework) and we started the lesson with another case from the news, that of the man falsely accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old who has recently (as an adult) confessed to lying in the stand. We had to identify the legal issues and decide whether it was safe to print. (The lifelong anonymity automatically granted to anyone who complains they have been the victim of a sexual offence is rescinded if they are prosecuted for falsely accusing someone of that offence, in case you were wondering.) 

I decided to show you some learning in action, in case you have any difficulty picturing the process, so here is a picture of my desk today:


That is all for now, or I will need to bring out the kitten video again.


P.S.: This is my 80th post, apparently. That's a bit scary.

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  1. Definitely agree on the sunshine thing. I far prefer summer and its glorious heat and brightness to winter's greyness, no matter how nice things look covered in snow. Makes me feel way better.