Friday, 31 December 2010

Not with a bang...

I won't be doing any firework-gazing, binge drinking or shrill cheering to see in the new year. I may have a cup of tea, though...

The reason for this is that I am absolutely exhausted after this week's work experience. Today was excellent, but likewise tiring. I was back on the Register to help out with odds and ends again. I got to open two big stacks of letters to the editor. I was warned to weigh the letters in my hand before opening them, and not to open any with objects in them. All a bit alarming, but I got to use a letter opener, so I was feeling rather intrepid. I had to sort the letters into usable, nutcases, and subscription complaints. There were more nutters than anything else.  My top three were a psychic who knew how to locate Madeline McCann, a 93½-year-old man who was upset that Sophia (capital of Georgia) is included in the weather forecasts as he doesn't want to go there, and a man who has discovered that the police are Satanists.

I was also asked to come up with a list of fun or interesting websites. Anyone who has spent a Mundane Monday in my company (in fact, anyone who knows me at all well) will have a good idea of my vigour completing this task. I even discovered a few that were new to me!

The rest of the day was taken up with proofreading, writing a brief saint's day entry, checking details for the birthday bit and more website hunting. All very good fun, but my head was spinning slightly by the end. The lovely (and scarily young) lady ostensibly in charge of me bought me lunch at Pret and we discussed the world of journalism and Michael Bublé. 

I stayed at the flat last night, as The Godmother was kind enough to let me join her on her production shift, which is why there was no post yesterday. It was very good fun, lots of rushing around and reading things over people's shoulders. Some people remembered me! I was very flattered. I mean, they're bona fide (and very busy) journalists, and I was there for one evening over a month ago. 

Now I am going to see in the new year in bed, with my mother's delicious lebkuchen and maybe a cup of tea if I can be bothered to get up and make one. Not very glamourous or sociable of me, but exactly what I feel like.

Happy 2011, hope it lives up to expectations!

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