Monday, 27 December 2010

Short sharp shock

Today was back to work for me. Almost real work, in fact. Work experience

Anyway, today was my first day back behind the paywall and it was exhausting. I was helping out with the Register (lovely people, lots of little jobs to do so I didn't get bored) and I was asked to write another You Are The Editor piece. Apparently I picked up on something the actual editor took issue with about today's edition, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Perhaps that's what I can aspire to, when I need to do the reliable income thing, instead of subdom. I think bossing people about and holding meetings would be much more fun! Also I would have excellent business cards. 

My highlights today were having (free!) lunch with the Register people and hearing all about their careers (the general consensus is that contacts are extremely important, and you should apply to places setting up new sections, especially registers, as they always need an extra pair of hands) and conducting a phone interview with a man about his two-month-old daughter. He was so enthusiastic! And he'd named his daughter after a cheese!

Still, going from festive flopping to intense screen-gazing quite wrung me out. I have recovered due to two excellent things:

1. The Godmother very kindly picking me up from the station. I was very tired and it was rather cold, and three whining old men on the train had given me a headache, so it was much appreciated. 

2. These:

Imagine choral music playing in the background

Absolutely the best thing ever. I was lucky enough to get a box for Christmas, and this evening I decided to try the (heartily recommended) resting-a-waffle-on-a-hot-cup-of-tea trick. So good. My teacup is now covered in chocolate and so am I, and I really don't care.

If you want to learn more about this most magical of snacks, check out the Tregroes website.

In other news, the Misfits Christmas Special (which really shouldn't be a real thing) was excellent. Best line: "Where are you going?" "I'm going to kill Jesus." It did compound my fear of pregnant women, however.

Must sign off now, as I am going to have to get up in the morning (again! What's with that?) and will need some time to faff around before I'm ready for the sweet oblivion of sleep.


No, you can't have one. 

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