Monday, 13 December 2010

In which I am excited about transport

Today it was Video Journalism at Journalism School, which I missed part of the morning of because I had to go to the doctor's, which isn't open outside of normal working hours for some parochial reason, but anyway you won't care about any of that once you hear why my train was delayed this morning.

My train was delayed, it turned out, because of another train. A steam train!

It's so misty you can barely see the steam. Use your imagination!

These people can't believe they're on a steam train, either

As you may be able to tell, the train windows were rather... steamy
We were waiting on the platform for the train that'd been delayed for 18 minutes, when this pulled up. Everyone got very excited, understandably. According to the announcements preceding its arrival (which rather cryptically referred to it only as a 'chartered service'), the train was bound for France. (At least, I'm pretty sure he said France, the tannoy was a bit tinny.) I hope they made it!

On an unrelated but equally whimsical note, have you heard about the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia?

Right, must go.

Will I achieve an early night? Will Public Affairs send me back to sleep? Can Superchef get around to watching Mad Men? Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode.

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