Sunday, 12 December 2010

Suddenly, Christmas!

I completely forgot to mention it yesterday, but The Godmother and W are back from touring the Christmas markets of Berlin! It was worth doing all that washing-up after all!

Today, Christmas hit. Decorations were retrieved from the loft and festive plans made. Also, I got a lift in to Woking with W, who was posting the first batch of Christmas cards or something, and have now done pretty much all my Christmas shopping! Well, I still need to make the greatest meringues in history, and get something for the boyf (but I reckon I'll wait, as postage to Ireland is pretty ruinous, and I'd rather be able to get him something a bit nicer to give him next time I see him), but I'm feeling very virtuous! (I think it's mostly due to not having that many people to buy for. I could go all-out, but I'm an impoverished student etc etc.) 

So, Christmas:

Haven't done much else today, which is lovely. I can't believe it's the 12th already! Time is being sneaky again. 

On a more random note, apparently the men's scarves from Gap are amazing. I had a look online and am not convinced. Maybe it's the quality? If I had to pick one, I'd get this one, but I'm not pushed. I don't need scarves, I need jumpers! And jeans that fit (I don't like wearing belts, especially ones with actual practical purposes). 

Right, time to catch some Zs.

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