Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Land of the midnight sun

Well, not quite, but you could forgive me for thinking I was in the Arctic circle today:

Taken this morning, just before it started snowing again. 
Yes, snow! I survived it, although Superchef was apparently trapped in Doncaster and then taken ill (whether from the weather or from Doncaster, we may never know), so let that be a lesson to you all. Or something.

This has to be a very quick post as I've just got back from London Town, after a very delicious dinner with The Godmother and my mother (who made it through the snow from Edinburgh! Hooray!) at the poshest kebab shop in town (no, really (I would have taken pictures, but I got distracted by eating everything (the best bread in town, too!))). The overground wasn't working, so I had to get a bus and then take a couple of tubes, but the important thing is I eventually made it home.

Got a good lot of filming done today. Hopefully the end will soon be nigh for my VJ project! Also met the manager of Camden Market, who was very nice and didn't even kick me out for not having permission to film! Actually, I was feeling like a hard-nosed journo, as I'd already finished filming and wouldn't have much minded being escorted off the premises as I was in a bit of a hurry to go and meet my mother at King's Cross. Good thing it all worked out in the end!

Right, must actually collapse into a dazed slumber now, as I have even more Weather to brave tomorrow. Goodnight!

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