Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bah humbug

I feel as though I should be typing this in a snowhole. Winter has well and truly descended, with ice, Siberian gusts and cancelled trains. Thankfully I did not fall victim to the latter, but several of my coursemates did. I had my excitement walking to and from the station today. I may have mentioned it (if you know me at all, I'm sure that if you haven't already you'll be hearing all about it son) but one of my Pet Peeves is ungritted pavements. I am yet again in a town whose council can't be bothered with this elementary public safety measure. It's alright for me, I'm young enough to heal relatively well if I do succumb to gravity's dirty tricks, but what about the old and infirm? Or those with chronically bad balance or impractical shoes? I honestly don't think the cost of clearing the pavements of ice would amount to more than the cost of caring for all the people who come to grief on them. I had a few near misses today, one involving a moving car, and it's made me rather bad tempered.

Black Lipstick Week: day 3.
I have to say I'm getting tired of it. I want my face back. I also want to be able to drink from a cup without leaving black marks on it, to eat without ingesting cheap lipstick, and to stop having to check my teeth every 5 minutes. I did get another compliment today, from Star, who said he thought it suited me, which was very sweet (typical of him). Lady Zorro said she's already used to it, so I now look odd to her without it (I cheated a bit again, and let it fade before lunch, for purely practical reasons). I hate to disappoint her, but I don't care if I never wear black lipstick again. (I'm a regular scrooge today!) Angelface told me she often wears black lipstick on nights out (apparently she has a secret wild side) because she doesn't want her vintage-inspired outfits to look too feminine. She has the kind of face that could pull pretty much anything off, though.

I went shopping by accident this evening, which is always fun. I found one of the things I was legitimately looking for (black thermal leggings with Japan Technology, from Uniqlo) and something I wasn't (a rather colourful jumper from H&M. I can justify this quite easily, though, as I only have one properly warm jumper with me, which is just not going to be enough. I'm tempted to go out and look for others, but that'll have to wait until after exams) and saw lots of Christmas. I also resisted the temptation to buy a waffle outside Bond Street station, so am now feeling very virtuous. I ate enough today, though - I was in a rush again this morning so had to buy my lunch. abokado (I think that's how it's spelled...) in Farringdon does very good takeaways. It's official. Because I said so.

No pictures today, and a much shorter post, because I am knackered. Also worrying that I might be catching some sort of lurgy (just in time for exams!) so it's bedtime for me.

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