Friday, 10 December 2010

And what a day it was

I have finished the subbing element of my course! Rejoice with me!

We sat our exam this morning, with Tornado (the head of Journalism school (this is only part of Superchef's nickname for him, but I think it will suffice) invigilating, because the subman 'doesn't do Fridays' and had apparently failed to organise another invigilator for us, as he promised to do. We started the exam a bit late because of this. He was also wrong about what programme we'd be doing the exam on, but I'm not complaining, because using Quark made more sense anyway.

The exam itself was fine, if dull. There's not really much to say about it. We were given tasks, we completed them, I'd be surprised if any of us failed.

After the exam, having printed everything out and put it into the appropriate envelopes, we were given an exercise to do for Video Journalism by Bullet (I don't know, he's tough and his hair is kind of silvery...), our teacher. As Blondie had magically disappeared during her smoke break and Fireman had some Real Life Subbing to do, we split into a two and a three. I got Superchef. Lady Zorro and Normandy got Monopoly.

We had to take a video camera down to Parliament Square to film the devastation (left by the protests and resultant violence yesterday), and edit it another day. We were at a bit of a disadvantage, as we were setting out quite late so the wreckage would be mostly cleared up and there wasn't much light left.

Some aftermath:

Big Ben and some fences

Leftover wreckage, more fences

We were lucky in making our video, because we managed to source an eyewitness from yesterday to conduct a very long interview with. It was none other than Whizzkid (he's very clever (we were a bit blown away by his succinctly expressed political views this afternoon), computery, and still in the bloom of youth!), a very wonderful friend of mine from UEA. 

We paid him with a donut:

The archetypal liberal student, apparently

Whizzkid was locked down in Parliament Square but eventually managed to get out and go to the rally. He was not impressed with the police, and don't get him started on anarchists. His blog, theResistance, will probably have more on this... (Possibly nsfw, who knows what kids get up to these days.)

He followed us back to Journalism School afterwards, got some Free Learning, and watched the exciting technical process of uploading all our footage. After we'd been released (it really felt like that, today), he managed to locate a proper London caff (except for the fact that it was really a Thai restaurant... very strange) and we caught up a bit on his time in Sweden, anarchists and chicken wings (Ok, he mainly ate the chicken wings). 

I'm going to go to bed now, because I have to get up early again tomorrow for another exam. The pillows are calling me!

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