Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snore vs Law

Today was our first Public Affairs and Essential Law for Journalists day at Journalism school. I was very tempted not to get out of bed this morning, as I hit the hay stupidly late last night for various reasons, but I had to send a parcel, so I persevered. 

Despite my initially low hopes, Public Affairs was a disappointment. The teacher, the Drone (his voice is lethal) expects us to be checking out our local councils' websites daily and attending local council meetings. Ha ha fat chance. I can sum up Public Affairs very simply: you know all those dreary little stories you flick straight past in the paper, because all the interesting information is in the headline and that's a poor enough offering in itself? Yeah, it's that. 

There were no mercifully distracting computer screens to break the monotony, as we were in the lecture room. To stay awake, I drew illuminated manuscripts and watched Lady Zorro's increasingly noisy displays of irritation (most involved banging her desk somehow). Monopoly (looking like a hairless mole rat) was on fine form wasting everyone's time. The Drone droned. It was grim. 

On the plus side, pretty random words:

The Drone kept going on about Ireland, and pronouncing everything wrong, hence my first slogan (also, check out my terrible handwriting! Please try to refrain from analysing it, you'll strain your eyes)

Unfinished, as the lesson ended (although I was in no way disappointed)

By contrast, Law (which you would expect to be at least as much of a snore-fest) was surprisingly good. This is almost entirely down to our teacher, Wheelie (very unimaginative, but there you go), who is absolutely lovely and very funny. The 3 1/4 hours practically flew by (although I admit I got a bit sleepy at one point thanks to the warmth of the room and general beatific atmosphere) and we talked about all the naughty things football players and formula 1 people get up to and get injunctions about, and also Learned Things. The coming months are not a complete loss! I'll just have to catch up on sleep in the mornings. 

So, good things, bad things and pictures. I will try to remember to take some more photos tomorrow, be they of my unsuspecting classmates, my lunch, or just random things. I know you can't wait!

I had supper in front of a nice bit of Poirot this evening (can't beat a bit of Poirot) and am now vegetating happily wearing most of my clothes. Drifting off imminent.


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