Thursday, 2 December 2010

[Written in Journalism School, excitingly]

I'm posting a bit early today because I'm staying in the flat tonight to make sure I get to my shorthand exam on time, and so won't have internet.

Apologies for the grumpiness of my last post. It turns out I am indeed coming down with something. I ended up proscribing myself an extra three hours in bed this morning because I did not feel particularly functional when I woke up. It's helped a bit, but I'm still feeling ever so slightly distant and rather warm this afternoon.

Woking is under snow-related lockdown, so I packed my bag and trudged out just in time. Toiling up the hill to get out of the (ungritted) cul-de-sac, I was expecting Good King Winceslas to appear at any moment to aid the heavily-burdened, snow-bound peasant. At the top of the hill, one of the neighbours (all of whom, I noted last night, had parked at the top of the road so they wouldn't get stuck) was in difficulty, presenting an excellent argument for introducing snow tyres in England. Some passersby very kindly gave his car a push, and he escaped.

Last night, the pavements were treacherous with ice and grainy snow. This morning, they were several inches deep in powder, or dirty slush. While it was a lot safer to walk along them, I have begun to worry what Woking will look like as it gets colder.

I managed to get a train around 12:20. It was the 11:19 service. I suspect it was the last train to make it out. There was also an announcement about severe delays with trains queuing to get into Waterloo. In Woking station before I left, a man was taking a picture of the departures board, with all the CANCELLEDs and changes. 

Black Lipstick Week: day 4
Not much lipstick-related news today. A train guard who had seen me before I put it on (I'm getting better at railway cosmetics) said 'Yuck' as I grinned at him disembarking. Kind of sums it up for me, too. I sometimes feel I should be watching what I say more with it on, as if ghastly lips are more prone to nasty comments. Who knows? Perhaps I am just having a snarky week.

No news as of yet. My class seemed a bit upset about England losing out on the world cup, but I am secretly pleased. Enough time is wasted on football in this country as it is.

That's it! I think I've put off rush-hour almost long enough.

Good luck in the snow.

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