Friday, 3 December 2010

More early blogging

It seems a bit silly to be blogging before lunch, as not that much has happened today. This may well be the only internet I get today (the weekend might have to be a write-off, breaking my post-a-day, porper-blogging streak, but I'll see what I can do) so I'm trying to use it wisely.

I had my shorthand exam this morning (made it in in time, despite plague and public transport's best efforts) which went pretty OK, I think. There was one sentence I wasn't too sure about, but apart from that I've been unable to detect any mistakes (or course, this is no guarantee of anything) so I'll just have to wait and see. Everyone who hasn't gone home has gone to the pub (apart from Lady Zorro, a fellow trooper!) and I've been hanging around drinking in the sweet, sweet internet and working on my subbing spread. It's very... pink. That's all I really have to say on the matter for now.

I'm going to totter off for vital supplies this afternoon (more thermals! A jumper! Maybe some other clothes as I may have to extend my stay in London!) and lunch, of course and then probably spend some time sitting quietly with a hot drink. I hate feeling ill.

By the sounds of things, Journalism School is melting. I can hear it dripping steadily as I type. Could spring be upon us? Unlikely, but I wouldn't mind an end to all this snow.

Going to sign off now as I am very hungry. If yu don't hear from me soon, I may have been eaten by wolves. Or, you know, just not have left the flat.

Au revoir!

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