Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tower of glass

I had a fun second day of work experience today (although I can't tell you how glad I am to be back to my laptop keyboard - the big rattly News International ones with all the extra buttons are a bit too big for my hands, I think), mostly because I got to spend the day with The Godmother. I did some writing up of an article, and some trawling the web for law-related things. It was good fun, mostly, I think, because I was sitting next to someone I know and like, and not trying to exude hire-me professionalism. 

Lunch was free again today (something to do with the bank holiday), and I had a surprisingly good chicken stirfry. In the canteen, The Godmother introduced me to a terrifyingly well-dressed woman (you know, the kind who can actually pull off minimalism. I know.) and pointed out all sorts of exciting people. Journalists are interesting, it's not just a stereotype. 

It's very good fun sitting in a newspaper's offices, listening to everyone tracking down stories and gossiping. It's also fun seeing your name in the paper! My You Are The Editor letter was published today. I know it's not a real byline, but still. My parents have been informed. 

Today, I decided to bring you a picture of the amazing building I've been spending all my time in:

There are 13 floors of this

Apologies for the picture quality, surreptitious photography is pretty difficult in a building full of journalists. It actually looks quite a bit nicer, with identical pot-plants on every floor and lots of glass everywhere. I'm seriously lusting after one of the staff ID cards that let you in everywhere - you scan the barcode to get in and out, and to pay for food etc in the canteen. Very space age!

That's pretty much all I have time for today - my brain really needs to switch off. Speaking of which, I hear there's going to be a new series of Snog, Marry, Avoid...

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  1. how interesting! i'm glad you had a great second day of work. so nice of them to get you lunch too!