Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing times

In fact, today involved very few boxes and no boxing at all. Disappointed? 

What I mostly did was laze about. There was a brief period of bustling activity when everyone in the house (excluding W who had dragged himself off to work) joined forces to create a lasagne, chopping, stirring, grating, washing and keeping an eye on the rugby. It was most delicious, but again I ate the evidence before remembering my camera. 

This afternoon involved some excellent Girl Time, as my mother, The Godmother and I bonded over nail polish fumes. We've ended up with some pretty dashing talons: 

Guess which hand is mine!
My father was less impressed. Luckily, he had the TV and his iPad to retreat to.

We had a quite interesting (™) discussion about make-up, as well. The Godmother says that you need plenty of practice while you're younger to perfect it, and that you should check whether you need to change your make-up every decade, as your skin pigment changes. She uses it to distract from features she doesn't like. My mother has never been much of a one for make-up, and doesn't really want to suddenly start now. I enjoy make-up, and am slowly getting better at it with practice. I think it's important for definition. I used to catch glimpses of my make-upless face reflected in shop windows out and about in town and not recognise myself, my features all sort of blending together. If my daily 10 minutes in front of the mirror (at least!) has no other value, it's given me a stronger sense of myself, and I sometimes feel that by taking control of my appearance, I am in some way taking control of myself. That might sound incredibly shallow, but I think if you don't spend time getting to know your face, you're at the same disadvantage as a blind person, unable to control which emotions you display and cut off from part of the self that others interact with. This logic also makes the hours I spent in front of mirrors teaching myself to raise one eyebrow worthwhile.

Rhetoric over, and it's time for bed again! I'm going behind the paywall again for another week of work experience starting tomorrow, so I will need my beauty sleep!

Wish me luck!

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