Thursday, 23 December 2010

The N-word...

Today was all very Journalism School-y, Public Affairs, Law etc etc but more importantly, I got to go to my happy place!

Nando's. I live for that sweet, spicy chicken.

Apparently peri peri sauce has side effects...
I rushed to Waterloo this evening after Law (Wheelie (I keep changing his nickname! What's his actual name, again?) invited us to the pub to meet his brother! Sadly I had a prior commitment I just couldn't ignore) to get the train back to semi-thawed Woking, where I met my mother for dinner. Before entering the Hallowed Halls of Nando's, we did a bit of shopping. I tried on some very nice dresses in New Look (sadly my photos didn't turn out well, due to some pretty weird lighting in the changing rooms), she bought a rather pretty jumper from H&M (she's not sure whether further clothing supplies will in fact be arriving with my father and brother) and we had a general wander, getting slightly lost on the way to Nando's. I love shopping with my mother. We can talk and ramble around and admire things without getting too caught up. I also like the fact that she has quite exacting standards about what she will and will not wear. It can make, say, jumper shopping, a bit more challenging, but I'm glad to know it's not just me.

Dinner was delicious, of course, but I think I talked too much. I always talk too much, though, so my mother is probably used to it. I would have loved to have tried one of the puddings that always look so good on the menu, but sadly the main course portions at Nando's are exactly the right size to fill me up completely (especially with a bottomless soft drink - if I don't have at least two refills, it's not value for money). Perhaps one day I'll go just for pudding, but that would mean passing up on the chicken... it's a tough one, and no mistake.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Journalism School, who I am not going to see until after the new year, what with one thing and another (OK, mostly work experience).

Now it is yet again bedtime, so I must sign off as I am going to be very busy tomorrow and it was extremely difficult getting out of bed this morning.

Current festive status: full and sleepy

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