Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cold hands type fast!

Good news: the snow appears to be melting. A bit. Well, at least there's snow and slush rather than snow and ice, in these parts. Got to stay positive, or I'll end up disembowelling someone with their ice-scraper. 

This morning, with the video camera still not returned to Journalism School, I took the executive decision to get the last bit of filming done while I had the chance, rather than sit in Public Affairs for three hours. My mother and The Godmother had stayed in the flat overnight, and very kindly brought the camera along to Spitalfields Market where I (eventually) met them (and The Other Godmother (I have three. These two are the most recent, but I see them the most), who had come to spend some quality time with her two university buddies. And me, possibly). I got a few more establishing shots, two more voxpops, and then the camera ran out of battery. But at least I managed to assuage my fear of not having nearly enough footage to piece together a film. A bit, anyway. I still have to do the dreaded Piece To Camera (last time they let me in front of a camera, I spontaneously invented a TV show called 'Pubs!' in blind panic), but I think I can do that somewhere snowy or markety in January and get away with it. 

Spitalfields Market was having a jewellery day, and had I not been hampered by that infernal tripod, you would have lots and lots of sparkly pictures to admire. I have given it all back, so hopefully you can look forward to a veritable album tomorrow, with both my hands free. I did have to take a couple of shots, however, when we wandered into Foxbat, a shop in the main market building. 

It was all very colourful and exciting, not least because they turned out to stock a kind of handbag that The Godmother has been looking for for a very long time. 

The clothes! The prices! (Maybe when I'm rich...)

They had some very nice coats, and a huge square purple silk tunic printed with pandas, which was rather mesmerising. 

You'll be pleased to hear that I made it back in time for Law. Sadly, Wheels set us homework (the vile machinations of the Tornado at work), which I must now do. He was very apologetic about it, but there are also lots of questions. Hmm. 

That's it. I am quite exhausted after going to bed a little bit too late last night and all the exciting physical exertions of filming again today (it doesn't seem fair to call Whizzkid up on the pretext of hanging out, only to have him lug the tripod about for me), and I have a lot of legal ramblings to rattle off, so I'll leave it there. 

Current festive status: frazzled

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  1. the store looks good.. i have never seen the clothe hanging all the way on top of the walls..
    thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments..