Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In Ireland

I'm writing this on the boyf's netbook before going out to meet him in the city centre, so it'll have to be brief. No pictures yet, but watch this space (if my camera will talk to this peculiarly tiny machine). I've also just noticed that there is no spellchecker to rely on, so apologies for any glaring typos.

I got up at 5am yesterday (which is the main reason I wasn't feeling very talkative, blogwise) to get the earliest bus to London Liverpool Street, where there is a handy train to Stanstead airport. I got through the whole airport rigamorale with plenty of time, and was sat next to a Sega Virtual Tennis game for quite a while waiting for my flight to board. I now know the names of most of the foremost players of the nineties, and what they look like made of pixels.

The boyf picked me up from the airport and drove us back to his house, where we mostly collapsed in front of the TV (he has had a few late nights recently too). We took Misty (his spaniel, who is probably the first person to appear on the blog without a nickname! (although she's not a person, she's a dog, so I don't know if that counts) for a walk in the park and went to the supermarket in the evening to find food, but that was as far as our energy went.

This morning, he's doing admin things at university, and I've been trying to get some work done in the house, but I'm going out to meet him soon. We are hopefully going to go to a gallery or a museum this afternoon, and I plan to take lots of pictures of everything!

Good afternoon!

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