Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday, Monday

I'm very tired this evening, despite oversleeping a bit this morning. I made it out the door on time, but surely I should have felt more rested? I am also very full, having had quite a filling supper.

The most exciting piece of news I have to offer is that I wore shoes not boots to work today. It is finally warming up! The blossom everywhere is gorgeous, and I now have hope of spring. I just want summer to be as hot as winter was cold!

There weren't many people in the office today. Mondays are slow days for some reason. I had a row of desks all to myself. Due to more exciting technical problems (the IT people must have my name on some kind of list, I have to phone just about every day (although to be fair, more than one of them has been mystified by the problems I've phoned up about, and it is apparently official that my account was set up very strangely)) an actual IT guy had to come to my desk to reconcile my computer with the printers (after remote command of my computer failed miserably). He looked about 17! I felt very old indeed. Thankfully, he was as efficient as he was youthful, and the problem was soon fixed.

That is about the sum total of what has happened to me today. Feel free to be jealous of my glamourous life! I do enjoy work (sad as I am), but it doesn't give me much to share with you.

I'm off to bed now, in the hopes of being more voluble tomorrow evening.


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