Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dublin days

I'm back in England again, as of last night. Straight back to the rat race, in fact, as I've discovered mild cash-flow problems which look set to make this week quite interesting. It's taken a while for my wages for all my hard work journalising to start coming in, and this week's are not only thin on the ground but apparently not in my account yet. Much as I love the ascetic life, I may need to have a chat with my bank about that.

But on to more exciting things! Lax as I've been on the blogging front lately (all Ireland's fault), I've got quite a lot of What I Did On My Holidays-ing to do. I've decided to keep it mostly in picture form, as I have quite a few! It's also going to have to be a bit episodic, as pictures take quite a while to upload. Therefore, I will begin with the highlights from my first few days in Dublin: 

The Natural History Museum (and me!) 
So many stuffed animals! The ground floor was all Irish species, and then upstairs were animals from all over the world. I learned that I never want to eat sole again (their faces are just disturbing) and that tigers are pretty big. Also just how creepy moles' little hands are. It was a fun day out, although it was a bit chilly.  


Misty is the boyf's dog, and I will try not to be too soppy about her. Suffice to say, she is very cute, if prone to stepping all over you when you are trying to watch TV. 

Christchurch Cathedral (and the boyf)
I would like to pretend we toured the cathedral and were all cultural like that, but we only visited this bit by accident on the way out of Dublinia. Dublinia is kind of like Jorvik without the smells - lots of dummies demonstrating the various areas of Viking and Medieval life in Dublin. Did you know the vikings pretty much founded Dublin? It was very good fun (and Educational), although we had to rush around Medieval Dublin a bit because they were about to close. 

Me, sombre in a cathedral
Obligatory arty picture
I may have mentioned that we went to see Drive Angry before we headed off to Galway... Poor Nicholas Cage. I don't think I've ever seen him in a good movie. The boyf pointed out that this may be because he is not what you'd call a great actor, but it still seems a shame. He always has to be slightly oily and unpleasant, but maybe that's just his hair being typecast.

Next time: Galway! And maybe the Aran Islands, if I can get all the pictures into one post!


  1. Didn't you enjoy KickAss? Nick Cage was in that. Even if he's pretty rubbish in general.


  2. That's true! I forgot he was in that. Although he wasn't the main character, and he was still pretty skeezy...

  3. This is also true, he was a bit weird. I've not really seen much else of his stuff so I can't comment. Someone in Hollywood must think he's got some kind of talent, else they wouldn't pay him to keep making films.