Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another day on the health farm

Tonight, I bring you the awesomeness that is French bread pizza:

One of your five a day (of pizza)
This is really easy to make, as I'm sure you can tell. Make a tomato sauce, put bread under the grill to pre-toast on both sides, spread on sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella, grill until melty and delicious! Simples.

It was gorgeously sunny again today, and it looks set to stay warm all week! Only a couple of months until I won't need to wear a coat!

Did everybody enjoy the clocks going forward? I was a bit confused by it. Turns out my computer is smarter than my phone (as is the central heating).

I've just got off the computer to my parents (I can't really say the phone, as we skype), and have been told in no uncertain terms to go to bed. You can't argue with maternal wisdom, so I'll have to say goodnight.