Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pit pat waddle pat

I had another very busy day today, and once again it is all the Royal Wedding's fault! I'm in charge of proofing a huge timeline of all the royal weddings since 1795, and the events that happened in the same years as them, and it's a bit of a nightmare (especially as it's on top of everything I normally have to get through!). Hard work is supposed to be good for you, I know, but I'm secretly hoping for a revolution complete with guillotine so I don't have to do it any more!

I'm getting quite excited about going home next weekend. I'm working a full week this week so I can fly up next Thursday. I intend to eat lots of chips with Edinburgh sauce (which you don't find anywhere else - I'm told it's made by mixing brown sauce, ketchup, vinegar and suchlike, but you'll have to trust me when I say it's amazing!), climb lots of hills and do lots of Scottish things! It's a bit strange to think I haven't been back since I left in September, and even more strange to know I'm going back to a completely different house, as my parents have since moved. They've promised to leave me some boxes to unpack, though!

It rained again today, which made me want to wear wellies, as I haven't since I was quite tiny (my father is the outdoorsy type, so we had much more sophisticated waterproof footwear). There's something about the idea of a nice thick pair of socks and a pair of wellies that really appeals to me. Sadly, I don't think they constitute appropriate workwear, so I may have to wait for a rainy weekend.

I wish my wellies were as cool as these:

Bedtime now, as I still haven't been able to shake the tiredness. Not good - I yawned so loudly on the train this morning that the man sitting opposite me leaned back in shock.



  1. How cute are those wellies! I wish I was young again so I could actually pull them off and not look like a child!