Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sneaky work post

I am about to leave, though, so it's not too bad...

Forgot to say that I'm staying in the flat this weekend, so therefore no blogging until I get to Dublin (if the boyf is kind enought to lend me a laptop). Getting up very early tomorrow!

Met Jumanji last night for supper (Nandos times) after a somewhat stressful day packing, buying mini-toiletries and trying to get Euros. She walked into a window, which cheered me up, and we had an epic trek loooking for frozen yoghurt. Eventually found SNOG, and had plain yoghurt with raspberries, strawberries and brownie pieces. I'm having all fruit next time, very delicious!

Off back to the flat now to get things done before the morning. Quite sleepy after a bit of a trek to Wapping from Covent Garden last night, so lots of sitting around is in order!

Good evening!

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