Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday meanderings

No kittens today, just good old-fashioned rambly text.

I had a really good day at work today. This probably had quite a lot to do with how sunny it was and the fact that I managed to get in really early thanks to The Godmother giving me a lift to the station at the beginning of my epic journey. It's amazing how the little things affect your mood.

I got even more authorisations today, and can now read articles from every newspaper ever in the past five years. Very useful when you want to check whether tomorrow's inspirational-yet-not-that-informative quote has been published before. I also managed to just get on with all the other stuff, with time out to phone IT and take some calls from readers. Generally good!

I have come to a conclusion today, though: I really need to go out and see some friends. With the exception of the boyf and Jumanji, I haven't seen anyone in forever, and I miss them all! Damn you, Journalism School, for being so inconveniently far away! Damn you, Whizzkid, for being in Norwich! Damn you, self, for being so lazy! I need to see some friends I haven't made in the local Waitrose.

I also really, legitimately, need to go shopping for some more work clothes, or I'm going to be Grey Cardigan And Black Boots Girl for evermore. The temptation is to buy things on the internet, but I'm not so sure of my size any more (too much walking and eating regularly-spaced meals), so this convenient shortcut is probably not a good idea. There are lots of books I will have to restrain myself from buying online, though!

If I have any money left over from buying opaque tights and sensible shoes, I am going to be saving up to go home for a few days. I miss the (c)old country, and my family, of course, and I need to go back before too much Southern rubs off on me!

It's now definitely bedtime or I will not be nearly so cheerful tomorrow!


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