Monday, 28 March 2011

Exhausted, mildly republican ramblings

I was kept awake by a cat or several squirrels on the roof last night and have spent most of this evening booking my trip to Edinburgh to see my wonderful family next weekend (very exciting), so I am afraid I am not only exhausted, I am in a rush to get things done and go to bed. Therefore, not much blogging!

I had a good day at work today. I have mixed feelings on this daylight saving lark, however. While it was lovely to leave work to find actual sunshine outside, I can't help but remember my first conscious thought this morning being 'When the alarm says 7, in real time it is actually 6', which I can tell you is not a pleasant first conscious thought.

I managed to get lots done today, though. Apart from steaming through the page despite it just being me and Olivia in today, I also managed to make a start on my new pet project for the page (although I can't take credit for the idea - more anon) and help various other people with their projects. This Royal Wedding is far more trouble than it's worth. It's also got the letter nutters all riled up. One of today's highlights had a picture of Diana (cut out from a magazine or commemorative book or something) stuck to it, and a long, frequently-capslocked rant about the 'masculine pig' (which I infer was a reference to Camilla) trying to interfere with 'the lovely new princess'.

A while ago the Telegraph had a feature (possibly in its magazine) about how Young People Today actually do care about the wedding and are just as excited as older generations, just in a more tweet-y way. Without wanting to cast aspersions on the Young People trotted out to coo over dresses and cake (all of whom were white and female, I should add), I have to say that I have yet to meet anyone, of any generation, who is anything other than slightly chagrined at the prospect. Maybe I spend too much time around cynical journalists, though...

I didn't mean to go on, and now I really must go to bed!


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