Friday, 11 March 2011

Final Ireland roundup

Quick picture highlights, as I have been up watching the news most of this evening. I have nothing new to say about the earthquake and tsunami, but I hope they manage to shut down the nuclear power plant safely. 

On to Ireland:

Phoenix Park
We went for a walk in Phoenix Park in Dublin. It's huge, and there are lots of deer wandering around. It's not safe to get too close to the herd, but this one wandered off on its own.
More outside
The ultimate bolognese
The boyf makes amazing bolognese, but this one (made with turkey mince in a kind but not uncomplaining concession to my fussiness) had bacon in it! And about half a pot of herbs, a bottle of tabasco, a whole tube of tomato purée... 

Diner times
We went to a diner for lunch on the day I flew home. The food wasn't mind-blowing, but I had a lot of chocolate milkshake so I was happy!
Although I don't look it
I had a really, really lovely time and I really want to go back! And I really want another holiday... Just so tired at the moment (spent all afternoon creating a spreadsheet of birthdays this month. Mostly copying and pasting, but I was so dizzy by the end! Turns out a lot of people are turning 69 this year), I think I'm getting culture shock coming back to commuting after only a week away! (And I'm surprisingly unfit after a week of good food and lazing about - I was out of breath on the way to the station morning for the first time in months on Wednesday.)

Off to bed now.


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