Thursday, 3 March 2011

A viking did it and he ran away

I may be stretching the truth a little. Actually, I don't have any pictures (or even many words) today because I am shattered and have to go to bed. We went to Dublinia today, which is amazing and features many reconstructions, such as a viking street and a medieval fair. I learned that I have a smaller head than most vikings, and monasteries were the banks of the olden days!

This evening we went to see Drive Angry. In 3D. I realised this was in fact my first ever 3D movie, which was exciting and entertaining for the people sitting behind us because I tended to duck and squeak every time something 'flew' at me. The movie was ridiculous, but in a fun way.

Going to bed now. We're off to Galway tomorrow! I may be bereft of internets, so I will say goodbye for now, hope to blog soon!


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