Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Odds on

Another quick one, as I'm inexplicably still tired, despite having gone to bed as early as 11 last night!

Today I was asked to write my first obituary. It wasn't a huge undertaking, as it was just a 600-word one, using other obits for reference (thankfully I didn't have to phone up any grieving widows or anything), but it was still pretty exciting! It's probably going to be in Thursday's paper, so look out for it! (It's of Harry Coover, who accidentally invented superglue (twice!))

Is anyone else completely confused by betting odds? We occasionally do a little bit about weird odds being offered on things for the DUR (like whether Charlie Sheen will go to rehab, get arrested or win an Oscar), and I have to admit it's the part of my job I'm absolutely worst at. I can't understand them at all! I was (sort of) getting my head around all this 3-1 business, and now it turns out they can be listed as decimal points too! Who decides these things, anyway? Bewildering.

Have to go to bed now, before I turn into a pumpkin.


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