Thursday, 17 March 2011


This is going to have to be short again as I am tired to the point of hallucinating Chinese takeaway (don't ask). All these late nights are adding up!

I had fun at work today. At noon, there was something of a stampede to the book cupboard on my floor. There was a book sale on (the newspaper gets quite a lot of (free!) review copies, and they would just keep piling up if something wasn't done, so every year there is a book sale for charity. It's one of the major social events of the office calendar, I learned today!) so Cat, Olivia and I squeezed into the cupboard with about ten other people to scrabble through shelves packed with books. Paperbacks were £1 and hardbacks £2, so I splurged and bought four! They're currently sitting in a bag under Cat's desk, though, as we had to head off to the memorial service this evening and couldn't bring a small library with us!

Taking names at the service (which is all we were there to do, although I did receive several plaintive requests for directions to the toilets) was a real eye-opener. There were all sorts of fascinating (and some famous!) people, all spelling their names out for us. A few seized my pen and wrote them down for me, so I suspect I now have a few autographs in my pad! I'm not going to say who was there (I'm trying to be a bit more discrete...) but it was an exciting evening for a Radio 4 listener and literature fan like me (and anyone particularly excited by titles). I did feel a bit like I was in the beginning of an Agatha Christie novel, though...

I also really enjoyed going with Cat as we got a chance to have a proper chat on the way there and while we were waiting for stragglers. She's really funny, but we don't tend to have particularly long conversations at work because it's usually quite busy. She suggested taking the whole Register office out for a curry one of these evenings. I'm not sure I can imagine what that would be like, but it would be nice to get to know people better.

I'm going to go and get ready for bed very slowly now. Why is it that when you're really tired, you lack the efficiency that will bring you sleep faster?


P.S.: Happy Actual St Patrick's Day!

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