Saturday, 19 March 2011

Late-night pasta ravings

The blog has been looking a bit bare of late (blame my non-eventful life), so I've popped on a little video below to liven things up a bit. Watch it! Convert to polka!

I made some really amazing pasta this evening. This may sound like mere boasting, but this was a pretty miraculous meal. For one thing, it contained bacon, which, as you know, is the ultimate foodstuff. Also, I got distracted when I'd left the sauce on to reduce, but I came back to it at precisely the right time, resulting in caramelisation rather than burning. I also managed to put in exactly the right amount of pasta for two me-sized meals (I tend to do it by eye and forget that I am cooking for myself twice, rather than myself and someone with a superhuman appetite, like the boyf or my (not-so-) little brother). Given that this was all a bit late (I had a late lunch, I was distracted texting Jumanji my latest Genius Idea (which now has the Jumanji stamp of approval (possibly more on this later)), I'm somewhat disposed to a nocturnal lifestyle, what can I say?) I'm pretty impressed with myself! No, I did not remember to take a picture.

It seems that the pasta has some soporific side-effects, however, so I'm going to have to sign off now.


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