Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Another speedy round-up

Really quickly again because I need to go to sleep!

Today was pretty good. Having got quite a lot of the page done yesterday, it all came together pretty fast. Tomorrow is likely to be a bit of a shamrock extravaganza, though, as we will be making the page for St Patrick's Day.

Handy visual hint!

The boyf told me St Patrick's Day isn't that big a deal in Ireland - it's America where they make a huge fuss. After all, there's no point in 'Kiss me, I'm Irish' Tshirts when the whole population is Irish too!

I've pretty much already celebrated, thanks to Kerrygold if you remember, and I'll be working a bit later than usual as I have to help Cat take names at a memorial service in the evening, so I don't think I'll be doing anything. I might have something potato-based for supper (not stereotyping, honest!) but that's likely to be it. Anyone got any special plans? I know from my hard work googling events that London does not seem to be going in for it in a big way either.

That's it for now. Hope tomorrow is a bit warmer, today was not nearly as clement as I had been hoping!


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