Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day! (I may be a little early...)

Irishness, apparently
Today as I was leaving my very lovely...(supervisor? Boss? I'm not really sure what to call her... she gives me things to do, anyway. I'll settle for calling her Cat, which isn't her name but she does a great cat's-eye eyeliner flick)... gave me these, which were a present to the newspaper, I think, from Kerrygold, the butter people, in celebration of St Patrick's Day. They're a bit early, but that is how things are in newspaperland - I spend most of my time confused about what day it is, because we're always working on the paper for the next one (and sometimes even further ahead - I've been doing the Register page for Monday. The way things are going, everything on it that doesn't have a name on the bottom will have been researched, written and formatted by me. Look out for it! Also, nothing is happening on Monday. Anywhere. Which is a shame, as apparently it's the nation's favourite sick day. I suppose all the skivers will just have to stay in bed!).

The butter wil come in handy, I'm sure, and I have mixed feelings about the cupcake. On the one hand, cake is awesome. On the other, this particular cupcake has been made with stout and has Irish Cream Liqueur in the icing, and as far as I'm concerned, putting alcohol anywhere near sweet food is sacrilege. I don't even approve of pudding wine. So I'm not really sure if I should eat it... (I'm told that last year, they sent turkey-flavoured cupcakes, which sat on an absent journalist's desk for 3 days before they were tracked down. I honestly can't imagine what those would be like.)

It's very nice of Kerrygold to send out free food, so I'm linking to their website here in case you want to go and look at pictures of happy Irish farmers and cows and so forth. It also has an online recipe book, for all you budding Superchefs (and the real thing, of course)!

The sheet of paper explaining about the cupcakes and how nice the butter is included a little paragraph about St Patrick's Day, which is a 'special day' to 'celebrate with all things Irish', such as 'Street parties, Guiness drinkers and revellers dressed in green'. I'll have to seek these out next time I'm over there!

In other news, HRH King Arthur Merlin Pendragon is back, this time under the alias HRH King Samuel. I'm onto him...

Right, time to sign off and head for bed.



  1. nice blog! congrats!!

    kisses from Argentina