Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Another day, another nutter

The happy worker
I did promise a better post today. Therefore, you get a picture of what I consider appropriate workwear (there are people in the office in jeans! Just saying), and a list of things I did today:

1. Cut up papers (all the newspapers (well, all the good ones, I noticed a distinct absence of Mail or Mirror...)) and filed away their letters, register sections, obituaries and court circulars.

2. Came up with a list of recently-published books to use in later Out Now-style corner

3. Filed preprepared obituaries (it was a bit weird. There were tons of them - Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, The Edge (not to be confused with David Evans the politician), Prince Charles...) 

4. Rang round for press copies of the above books. Repeatedly for some - the Penguin press office has about 7 people in it and they were all out. It was amazingly easy to get hold of most of them, though - people were delighted to send me free books! 

5. Went through the letters (today: a 17-page letter addressed to 'Dave' (Cameron) from HRH King Arthur Merlin Pendragon (who can spell neither 'mafia' nor 'paedophile'))

6. Tracked down some TV and radio programmes and a DVD for Monday's Staying In bit, triple-checked the details and wrote up summaries

Quite tiring! All interesting stuff, though (well, maybe apart from the filing - there was a literal mountain of it). Looking forward to tomorrow, although I would be even more if I didn't have to get  up quite so early!

Not much else to say... I had some very delicious bacon-laced spaghetti for supper and am ready for bed!



  1. Thank you both! It was my first ever experience of internet clothes shopping, and I'm still glad I clicked on it!