Saturday, 5 February 2011

In the bag

This is absolutely not a cop-out post because I'm very tired and I just want to do something generic and go to bed. Honest!

Actually, I am still excited about the World of Work, and am trying to come up with new ways of blogging about it (with out going all-out paparazzi in the office... for now) so you can share my excitement a little bit. Thinking of pictures to keep you entertained with is difficult, though! Therefore, today we have a what-I-keep-in-my-handbag-as-a-technically-employed-person post. Excited? 

Diverse things, mostly to keep me entertained on trains
(If you think anything is missing that would enhance my working experience, please let me know!)

In no particular order:

1. iPod. Yes, the basic mp3 player with no bells and whistles but lots of music and battery life. Currently playing a lot of The View, and Blood Hunt, which I have almost finished. It's helping me improve my Scottish accent!

2. Camera (the case is standing in, as if I could take a picture of my camera with my camera, I would be magic indeed), always essential in case something interesting happens. Blogging is extra pressure to have a more exciting life! It won't be long before I'm organising flashmobs and provoking passers-by just to have interesting things to photograph and post. 

3. Wallet (the white thing that says NANA in red). Beloved of cashiers and other random strangers, my wallet is still doing sterling service after probably too many years. Sadly a little empty at the moment, but I've resolved to be good! (You may notice that I did not, in fact, take the bag back. I'm trying to make up for it.)

4. Notebooks, pens etc. For keeping track of what I'm supposed to be doing, jotting down passwords and phone numbers and general writing purposes. The pretty swirly one is seeing most use keeping a record of where I am in Blood Hunt (audiobooks are much harder to pick back up than ordinary books).

5. Umbrella (the purple thing). Never leave the house without it. This is Britain, after all. 

6. Pocket mirror (in the little red and gold bag). Vanity is important, especially if you like poppyseed bagels or any food that isn't tooth-coloured. 

7. Keys (under pen and wallet). Pretty self-explanatory, really. 

8. Lipstick, lipgloss, nail polish. For essential upkeep on the go. 

9. Pompom hat! Seeing a lot of wear at the moment, especially as it has been incredibly windy recently (you heard it from the Register first!) and I don't like having to brush my hair more than three times a day.

That is all! (For now... my life is a constant battle between the desire for a functioning shoulder and unstrained back, and the need to have as many of my possessions as possible on me at all times.)

Today, I did quite a lot of pretty technical stuff, importing, cutting and formatting On this day stuff for the next few papers, putting in more work on the Monday page (which is really coming together now, despite our having to extend it to a full page as the ad didn't sell. I'm so proud!), phoning round for pictures for the Monday page, cutting up and filing the day's papers, sorting through the letters again, skim-reading a book to summarise and conducting a phone interview with the world's most boring couple. I also met The Godmother for lunch (fish and chips, although sadly I didn't have space for chocolate sponge and custard afterwards - why does Friday have all the best foods?), and we talked shop, which was fun. 

Now I really do have to go to bed, so goodnight! Hope everyone has a very excellent weekend.


  1. your missing the eye liner, the hand lotion and the perfume!!

  2. I knew there had to be something!