Monday, 21 February 2011

Back to work

Yes, I don't have a photo and am fobbing you off with another kitten. A topical kitten! Trust me, he looks way better than I do right now. 

Also, the picture is from a site with one of the best names on the interweb: Kittens Kittens Kittens! Stare at that long enough and the letters lose all meaning. 

Stare at this long enough and you'll buy one

I was largely in charge of opening letters and answering phones today, but the readers are restless, so it kept me very busy! I also managed to get in about half an hour early (and about 15 minutes before anyone else in the Register). Still not sure how that happened.

Cat asked me this afternoon if I'd be happy to come back in March. It hasn't been finalised yet, but more journalising times are ahead! The Godmother picked me up from the station this evening and we had an Indian takeaway to celebrate. I am now 25% naan.

I am afraid to say I am absolutely knackered today, so that's it for now!



  1. Aw! So cute!

  2. haha this is cute/.
    first time here and i love your background so much !